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The Origins of a Writer...

I think we are hatched.
We are wet and slimy, struggling to break free of our shell.
Our instincts, only minutes old, tell us the world is a wondrous thing, yet fearful.
Our instincts force us to join the world of scribes, for if we did not, perish, we would.
Light. Air. Our delicate feathers drying in the breeze. 
We slowly gain strength to hobble forward, yet too young to fly.
Soon, we will, after many a ruminated thought, give birth ourselves to a cerebral awakening, knowing that if we do not write, disintegrate, we surely will.
First attempt: Harrowing.
We jump, dive-bomb, and furiously flap...but in the end, as all dedicated writers before...we fly.
Such is the mindset I shall bring to this writers website.
Words to Write By...Books by B.J. Thompson... will be a layman's beacon to advance flight, not to diminish it, for it's in our global quest as wordsmiths to convey what we experience in this world that the world around us betters; hence, "Power of the Pen" is as true today as it ever was.

I will take a writer's perspective as well as an editor's, for I am both these days - to better the craft on both sides of the fence. Non-snooty, non-academic, a layman's point of view delivery on the art I dearly love.

There will be a span of emotions weaved throughout, for I am nothing if not a North Irish-Canadian country girl trapped in a city girl's body.

Sprinkled within this site will be excerpts from my latest literary works that may convince you to buy one or two of my novels, as well as small fictional tales to make you think twice or add a smorgasbord of emotion to your day.

I invite you to come with me on this journey. I expect to learn more from you than the reverse.

With excitement for the future of WWB (Words to Write By...), 
B. J. Thompson, online aka MsBurb