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STOP Not Writing Now ~ A No BS Guide to Avoid the Avoidance Tricks of a Non-writing Writer

Learn How to Retrain Your Brain to Become the Prolific Writer You've Always Wanted to Be...
You're a writer. 
You know you are.
You love words.
You love stories.
But you can't write.
You've tried everything. You start, you stop, and you drop... every work you've ever tried. And they all, more or less, lay incomplete.By now, you feel frustrated and paralyzed, but your passion still smoulders...
STOP the cycle.
STOP the bad habits.
STOP all the excuses.
Start reading, STOP Not Writing now.
STOP Not Writing will give you Actionable Tools to eradicate 22 Known Writing Issues that you can easily learn and put into practice NOW - not later, not some day, but Right Now - that will get you from writer's paralysis to writing prolific.
No B.S.
No buzzwords.
No elitist jargon.
No enabling.
Just good, old, time and experienced-tested exercises that WILL CHANGE YOUR MINDSET from, "I wish I could..." to, "I am!"
Enter STOP Not Writing's virtual Boot Camp with me, your virtual Drill Sergeant, B.J. Thompson - Language Arts graduate, free-lance editor, literary novelist and leader of a writer's process group since 2009 - and I'll promise you won't regret it.
I have no time for flowery hand holding or theoretical "How To" crap. And neither do you.
Want to Start Writing, NOW, for real and forever?
Start reading, STOP Not Writing, like your literary life depends on it.
Let's stop talking about writing and let's get to work.
Are you in? I'm drafting YOU. Enlist!

BeaverTales ~ The Adventures of Little Barbie

e-book Permafree on Amazon Books

Outside the sleepy hamlet of Hespeler (Cambridge), Ontario, sits a wee valley locals call Beaverdale. It is there on "The Pond" at Fisher's Mill that "Little Barbie" finds childhood adventure, witnesses adult hi-jinks, and learns about life and the need for love.

BeaverTales is a mix of young and old, reliving the past in a child's eyes, only the adult in Barbara can fully appreciate now. The memoir covers Barbara's time on Beaverdale Road from 1964 to 1974 with her dear parents, Mona & Leigh Thompson, and their many friends and family.

Join her as she heads back to a more innocent time...