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CLUEless - The Tipsyland, Rat Pack Murder Mystery Series


A-listers are dying to attend the opening gala at the adult theme park, Tipsyland, where cocktails, Sinatra and the Rat Pack way of life steal the show; four keys prove they're also dying to get out.



CLUEless will be a Four-Book miniseries, featuring Matti Reins as the adult theme park's host and principal sleuth to grizzly murders that befall A-List invitees to a pre-opening bash at the cocktail/Sinatra Rat Pack themed adventure park.

It's delivered as a sophisticated Agatha Christie cozy whodunit, spoofing Ian Flemming's James Bond and the Rat Pack crooner, Dean Martin's comedic take on Bond in his 60s films as Matt Helm.

The Rat Pack crooners make an appearance, as do other surprising characters, all there to help Matti find the killer or killers, so they can break free of this nightmarish park located in the middle of the Mohave desert, at California's abandoned Salton Sea.

Be prepared for 60s humor and wry banter, and a return to the chic tuxedo life that once pervaded 60s America.

Fill your cocktail glass, grab your gold lame gown and fur stole, and come along for the ride. 

Frank and Dean dare ya.