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STOP Not Writing - The Writer Avoidance Addict Recovery Book I Wish I Had Years Ago

Courtesy There’s a time in every writer’s life when they so want to write but something, or many things, hold them back. Every hack looks at this road block as unfair, and if you’re a perfectionist or a Doer, negative emotions bubble up to the surface which makes the matter even worse. Doubt Fear Lack of Knowledge/Experience The Holy Trinity of a thing called Writer’s Block. If you gain the knowledge and experience and kill the doubt and bore the fear, you become a prolific writer, and your professional literary dreams will come true. As long as you acknowledge the existence, and necessity, of the fourth ingredient… Hard work. So many new writers view this profession as completely romantic. They see Paris in the springtime, erudite conversations in swank cafes by night. Love making by the Seine and words flowing like champagne as the after-effect. Rrright. Uh-huh. I’d so make time for those lovely moments, but in betwe

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It's August 25, 1984, 8 o'clock in the morning Bel-Air, Los Angeles, and Truman Capote, the celebrated author of the infamous work, "In Cold Blood", has only three hours and forty-five minutes left to live.

Near Garden City, Kansas, a young girl walks a lonely stretch of dirt road, waiting in her walking, to meet up with "Him".

Time is limited for both, the clock is counting down, but there are issues yet to be resolved, facts yet to faced, guilt to assuage, and a willingness to help and be helped.

Beyond the celebrity, beyond the fame and fortune which came as a tsunami after "In Cold Blood", did Truman live the "Happily Ever After" story of which all authors dream? Or were those nineteen years a downward spiral of drink, drugs and debauchery, in effect, a slow suicide?

When time is no longer on your side, when you are sick, alone and dying, can there be peace and contentment in The End? Is there time enough to create one last epic story, to warp and twist and colour the Past, so that the death knell Present can be accepted, one small feminine hand reaches for another?

No More Blood.
Epilogue on the life of Truman Capote and "In Cold Blood"
The End, in every sense, is nigh; the clock is ticking....


An "Entity" slithers through the streets and halls of Washington DC.

"The Beast", as Nixon imagines it to be, representing the dark side of Power & Politics which has well stained Administrations Past and Present, becomes unleashed the moment Ed Tooksberry and Harry McClellan, DC suburban audio analysts, uncover the long-thought erased conversation between President Nixon and his Chief of Staff, Bob Haldeman, on the June 20, 1972 Watergate Tape 342...those infamous missing 18 1/2 minutes.

Ed and Harry's knowledge traps them in a covert world, involving operations as far west as Nixon's La Casa Pacifica in San Clemente, California, and as far east as the Virginia CIA Training Facility at Camp Peary, along the way finding themselves buried alive in a Deep Underground Military Base, meeting men of fame and fortune thought long since dead.

Will Ed and Harry live long enough to reveal the verbatim Transcript of Tape 342 at the global Press Conference scheduled at The Washington Post? And if they do, what affect will it have on the survival of the Republic and the American People when such unthinkable secrets are unearthed?

The world will hear those words.
Lives will be sacrificed.
18 1/2 breathes for the very first time.


Would you sacrifice your soul to see into the mind of a serial killer for seven days?

Justice will be served, but never before like this.

Sessions, a mind-bending psychological noir, delves into the minds of two women as they go head-to-head in seven therapy sessions, taking the terms “treatment” and “killer” and flipping them on their heads.

Is there a real life family connection to the killer’s evil?
And if she has never been caught, is there someone infamous in her life who has?

The "Entity" marks its territory through the pastoral environs of Vermont; Mount Mansfield, a Burlington art gallery, a sugar maple farm and inside the psychiatrist’s office, housed within a majestic Victorian mansion eerily familiar to more than one soul.

This is not a police procedural, my friends...


Are you game to be a fly on this therapy wall?
Well, have a seat in the waiting room, won't you?
Your Sessions are about to begin…


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