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No More Blood - 5 Stars from Reader's Favorite

From the moment I started reading Barbara Thompson’s No More Blood: Epilogue on the Life of Truman Capote & In Cold Blood, I realized this is one of those books confirming that good literature is still possible nowadays. Set in 1959 and in 1984, No More Blood depicts legendary author Truman Capote while he pens his last work in his final hours. The dying man is the mainstay of the story and all the characters revolve around him. Among them, there are the girl who walks in the fields of Kansas to reach “him” and some ex-cons who commit heinous crimes. In this extensive, well-narrated story, several themes find their place. Guilt is the most significant one and the characters will face their own responsibilities in the end.

The more I think about No More Blood, the more I am convinced that this book is close to perfection. Thompson develops the story with remarkable skill. Her narrative has the same visual charm of old movies. Every piece of the puzzle finds the right place and the story line, descriptions, and the characters’ deeds harmoniously contribute to a fine picture. All the characters (including minor ones) are fully fleshed out and I was genuinely curious about them. I wanted to find out more and Thompson did not fail to meet my expectations. Her style is suggestive, her language refined and clear. Despite the length of the book, I was never bored while reading it: this is the truest sign of effective writing. No More Blood is a story that every bookworm would enjoy, but I am sure that those who are not regular readers will appreciate it too.

Reviewed by Astrid Iustulin for Readers' Favorite