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WUI - Writing Under the Influence of Vaccination Glee!


Okay...I'm trying to concentrate on my writing today... but it's difficult because I received notice that my 2nd vaccine shot is on next Thursday!!!! 
"Okay. Calm down there, B. J. It's not like all Canadians get a superhero capes after their 2nd Covid-19 vaccine shot."
"Hey, wait a darn tootin' sec! I heard Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau's last Covid-19 speech..."
"Blah-blah, second vaccination shot... yadda-yadda, 14 days wait, yammer-yammer, brand-new superhero outfit to all fully vaccinated Canadians."
I wonder if we can request Superman or Spider-Man?
If we can, I'll request Spider-Man...
Can't wait for my outfit to arrive. I'm seriously sick of flying commercial.

I'll begrudgingly return to my writing, and you to your regularly scheduled life.