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Would you sacrifice your soul to see into the mind of a serial killer for seven days? Justice will be served, but never before like this. Sessions, a mind-bending psychological noir, delves into the minds of two women as they go head-to-head in seven therapy sessions, taking the terms “treatment” and “killer” and flipping them on their heads. Is there a real life family connection to the killer’s evil?
And if she has never been caught, is there someone infamous in her life who has? The "Entity" marks its territory through the pastoral environs of Vermont; Mount Mansfield, a Burlington art gallery, a sugar maple farm and inside the psychiatrist’s office, housed within a majestic Victorian mansion eerily familiar to more than one soul. This is not a police procedural, my friends...


Are you game to be a fly on this therapy wall?
Well, have a seat in the waiting room, won't you? Your Sessions are about to begin…
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A Second Chance at Saying No...

Day 19, 971 of my life...

Today a man appeared inside my head.
I could tell you he looked like Gizmo from the cartoon, The Flintstones, but that would be wishful thinking, and a lie.

He was taller… much taller, and not in the least green.
Quite a stern expression, and when my grey cells got closer to him, he smelled of decayed wood. That’s not a bad thing, really, as it was decayed maple wood—a rancid kind of sap scent mixed with mould.

He said his name was Frank.
He told me he was a former teacher.
He also told me he was dead.
I kind of figured as much due to the decay. Most people inside my head, who are alive, smell fresh.
I casually asked, “What grade?” And he said, “Grades 5 and 6.”
Hm… Nice grades. Old enough to talk with but young enough to dream big.

I looked at him with that expression you throw out when you’re waiting… wondering, what the hey?

“Oh, I’m here to give you a second go-‘round for all your yearnings.”

“Yearnings? Like, you mean, cravings? Like muffins and cake?”

“No.” His flashed expression, that of a learned man wondering why in the hell he was stuck helping a moron. He added, “All the things you keep wanting to relive. All those desires to return to places, to live again with people. I’m here to take you back. I’ve been told you’re a good candidate for assistance, so here I am. Get ready. Let’s go.”

I sat there and sipped my coffee as he sat there inside my mind waiting for me to finish sipping my coffee. I really had nothing to say. The thought, the idea, that I could abandon Now for Then… and with my current intelligence, experience, return and re-do, re-see, re-live… and re-love?

After suffering long enough in my vacuous mind, I said, “No. It’s okay. Thanks for the second chance, all the same, but I think I’ll pass.”

“Then why all this constant bluster? Why the fantasizing, the bemoaning, the dreaming?”

“I don’t know. I’m Irish and I’m Pisces. I think it’s what we do.”

The man crossed his legs and lit a cigarette.
My frontal lobe smelled of burning tobacco.
I could tell he wasn’t going anywhere.
He was settling in for a long wait. Just in case I changed my mind.


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